Malorie Barnett is from Maryville, Missouri, a small town a hour north of Kansas City, Mo. She’s a a junior journalism major with an emphasis in strategic communication, and a business minor. Following graduation, she plans to find a job at an ad agency in Kansas City, Mo. doing market research. Malorie loves to travel and is most excited about interacting with the people of Europe. The different cultures around the world fascinates her and she can’t wait until we leave.

Angela Bussey is from Wentzville, Missouri. She is a junior journalism major with an emphasis in strategic communication. Angela wants to see Rome and experience a different culture.

Melissa Coon is from West Des Moines, Iowa. She is a senior journalism major with an emphasis in strategic communication. She plans to pursue a career in public relations or account management. Ideally, she would like to work for a company whose focus is in the healthcare and/or agriculture field. Melissa has traveled abroad a few times before, but is excited to explore new countries and gaining a new perspective on countries she has visited before. Most importantly, she is hoping to make herself appear more marketable to future employers as she narrows her career search and prepare for graduation. 

Beatriz Costa is from Indiana. She is a freshman and plans on entering the international journalism interest area. During this trip, Beatriz hopes to gain a better understanding of journalism and media in other countries. 

Courtney Doll is from Sugar Land, Texas. She is a junior broadcast journalism major and her life goal is to be a producer at CNN. Courtney hopes that she can gain insight on how the news works in different countries while gaining cultural knowledge in different European customs such as mannerisms, food, and history. This is Courtney’s first trip to Europe but not her first time out of the country. Her first time out of the country was a trip to Venezuela when she was less than two years old.

Mary Elgin is from St. Louis, Missouri. She is a junior majoring in magazine journalism with the arts and culture track. She is also working towards a minor in film studies. Mary would love to do entertainment writing, especially film, and at one time or another, she would love to be a film critic. This trip to Europe was the only study abroad option Mary was interested in and she thinks it will be very useful to be able to see the various media outlets in foreign cities and see how they operate. She has wanted to go to Italy, in particular, for as long as she could remember.

Kate Grumke is a junior journalism major with an emphasis in convergence radio and minors in Spanish and political science. Kate is interested in working for National Public Radio and that’s what she’s focusing on now, but she is also taking the LSAT in February and looking at law schools. Kate has never been to Europe so she’s hoping to gain a broader view of the world and experience different cultures on the trip.

Meredith Hayford is from Lisle, Illinois, a suburb a Chicago. She is a senior journalism major with an emphasis in strategic communication, and business minor. She’d like to work in advertising, either as an account planner for an agency or at some kind of consulting firm that specializes in research and consumer insights. Meredith has never been outside the continental U.S., so she’s looking forward to “experiencing new cultures and seeing a lot of those European landmarks and important historical sites that everyone is supposed to see in their lifetime. If I don’t go now, I’m afraid I never will!”

Andie Lowenstein is from Livingston, New Jersey.  She is a junior and a broadcast journalism major. She aspires to work for and produce entertainment television in New York City one day.  Andie is excited to learn about media companies in other countries, how they function, and how journalism works outside of the U.S.  Andie looks forward to exploring cities she has always dreamed of visiting one day and immersing herself in their different cultures.

Alex Martin is from Kansas City, Missouri. He is a junior journalism major with an emphasis in strategic communication. This is Alex’s first experience in Europe so he is looking to experience as many new cultural events and people as possible. He would like to return to campus with a better understanding of how different people and cultures in the world that we live in are like and how they operate on a day to day basis in comparison to what he is used to here in America.

Emily Potthast is from St. Louis, Missouri. She is a junior broadcast journalism major and one day wants to be a sports reporter or anchor. Emily is traveling to four countries she has never been to before and hopes to see and experience everything she possibly can.

Todd Smithern is from Arlington Heights, Illinois. He is a junior journalism major with an emphasis in strategic communication. He would like to work in public relations for a professional sports team. Todd wants to see the different customs and methods of doing things in a different country, so he can have a more broadened and better perspective of the world and how it works.


Christina Trester is from Plano, Texas. She is a senior journalism major with an emphasis in magazine design but has changed courses slightly to information graphics, which is what she’d like to do for a career. Christina hopes to get more cultural experiences out of the trip. She’s most interested in comparing the differences between newsrooms in different countries, if there are many differences at all.


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